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All the Truth About the UC Berkeley Acceptance Rate 2019

UC Berkeley College is without a doubt amongst the most desirable places to go through university at. This means that the number of applicants is usually rather high with a tendency to increase every single year. However, with the number of spots being limited, the typical acceptance and admission rate is somewhere between 15-20% which is rather low. This means that you are competing with at least 5 other people to get in, and this changes based on the specialization and the course that you’ve chosen.

UC Berkeley Admission Rate for 2019 Is Low So Your Personal Statement Is Absolutely Vital

One of the things that you need to understand is that your personal statement is going to have a crucial and paramount role when it comes to your admission. It’s capable of tipping the scales in your favor but you need to make sure that it’s crafted properly.

In order to get the message through, you might want to need to take advantage of the following UC essay prompts:

uc berkeley admission rate 2016 onlineWrite in a concise manner: You want to make sure that you transmit your message in a clear and concise manner that’s going to make it easy for the reader to comprehend your point. You need to provide only valuable information without going into unnecessary details if you are to succeed.

uc berkeley admission rate 2016 online tipsInclude only relevant information: A lot of people are tempted to include a wide range of things in their personal statements in order to appear more accomplished. The truth is that you need to stay on point and sharp in order to make the best impression.

uc berkeley admission rate 2016 online helpProofread: A typo on your personal statement could mean the difference between landing the interview or not. This means that you must make sure that your work is properly looked at, at least two times after you’ve written it. Ideally, you want someone who hasn’t read it already to take a look because he’s going to have a fresh prospective.

UC Berkeley Acceptance Rate for 2019 Doesn’t Mean You Won’t Get In

You need to understand that it’s not that hard to get that one spot out of the five available ones that we mentioned earlier. You just have to make sure that you make the best first impression, your admission is absolutely guaranteed and you meet all the official UC deadlines.

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