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Making a Positive Change: An Essay about Action

When selecting a personal statement, the University of California staff looks for interesting topics. One of their favorite essay prompts is the following:

“Describe a time when you questioned an established practice or thought within an organization. How did your actions create positive change?”

If you are required to provide an essay for your UC application, but you have no idea what to write, don’t worry! We can help you write a great “thinking essay.” You can see a sample of our work below:

A Sample of a “Thinking Essay”

In high school, we used to have two separate proms every year. In the past, the school was strongly divided on racial grounds. Black children communicated only with other black children, and the white did it with the whites. Nonetheless, in recent decades the state of affairs has changed in most ways, except proms.

Every year the things were the same: there was a black prom and a white prom. They were not called these names, of course, but it was obvious which was which. No one was officially prevented from attending both proms, but no one broke the mold either. There were several but very few exceptions.

Everyone saw it, but no one did anything. Finally, I got sick of it. In my senior year, as a class president, I decided to switch from two proms to one. It was difficult at first, and we ran into a lot of resistance from parents, but in the end, we came together for one event as a united student body and had a great time. Hopefully, the last remnants of that racist tradition were washed away.

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