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Things You Need To Know Before Applying to University of California

Are you looking to apply and study at the University of California? If so, there are some key facts to know about every campus where you might want to take your course. For more useful tips about the University of California, check out  and use our UC personal statement help.

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Why You Should Select UC in California as Your School

There are a multitude of reasons for electing to attend UC in California. Your reasons for choosing UC may be academically related, or be because of the particular environment you wish to be in. Some people choose UC because of a variety of social activities they can participate in. The reasons for selecting UC are almost countless.

Applying to UC in California doesn’t automatically guarantee acceptance. As there are many reasons for attending UC, there are many more applicants than available openings.

10 Reasons Why You May Want to Go to School at UC in California

Everybody has their own reasons for why they selected a particular school to attend. Here are 10 reasons why you may want to go to UC in California:

  1. You have the chance to study abroad with UC’s Education Abroad Program (EAP). For many students, the opportunity to study abroad is the dream of a lifetime and UC’s EAP is a compelling reason for wanting to attend UC.
  2. UC has an Inter Campus Visitor program. This program offers you the opportunity to study at another UC campus for a quarter of a semester. You can determine if you would like to transfer to another UC campus without committing yourself first.
  3. UC is the home of the famed J. Lloyd Eaton Collection, the largest cataloged collection of science fiction and fantasy literature in the world. Reason enough for a big science fiction and fantasy fan.
  4. You have a wide variety of social activities you can participate in regardless of your interests, from night life in L.A to a more sedate lifestyle in Santa Barbara.
  5. Faculty can be a reason for selecting UC. UC faculty include Nobel Prize winners, National Humanities Medal recipients, Pulitzer Prize winners, fellows of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science among others. UC alumni have also received numerous accolades in a wide variety of fields.
  6. UC’s Washington Center program is a good reason for some to choose UC. Internships are the centerpiece of the program, and students from all majors are accepted.
  7. There are thousands of student organizations covering everything imaginable throughout the nine UC campuses
  8. For sports fans, UC has topped ranked sports teams in a number of different sports. This could be a factor in your choice of schools
  9. For those who want to participate in sports for fun rather than watch, UC has many inter-mural sports teams if playing sports is what you enjoy when not studying
  10. UC offers an environment for everybody. They have campuses near the beach, the mountains or the desert. You can choose a big city campus or one with a more rural flavor. The choice is yours.

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UCI (Irvine)

  1. Happy students live there.
  2. There is a lovely sunny campus.
  3. The campus is safe.


  1. You will need a good allowance due to the high cost of living.
  2. There is no football team.

UC Davis (Davis)

  1. There are large dormitories.
  2. 92 percent of students who returned after their freshman year are happy.
  3. Students work part-time during their term.
  4. There are employment services available for students.
  5. There is a beautiful campus.


  1. Classes are starting at 7:30 a.m.
  2. Bike thefts are common.

UC Santa Cruz

  1. It is home to over 500 plant species.
  2. You can find certified organic products there.
  3. There is a huge campus.
  4. It is located in a convenient public transport area.


  1. Dogs are not allowed.
  2. The cost of living is high.
  3. It lacks school spirit.

UCSB (Santa Barbara)

  1. Five Nobel Prize winners studied there.
  2. The campus is politically active.
  3. It was dubbed “the most bike-friendly campus”
  4. It is better known as compared to Oxford.


  1. You can meet a lot of children of wealthy parents there.

UC Berkeley

  1. There is an action-oriented campus.
  2. There is a fantastic rugby team at this school.
  3. It is an academically prestigious school.


  1. There are poorly maintained apartments.
  2. It is hard to get into popular classes.
  3. The weather is rainy in winter.
  4. You will experience high academic pressure.
  5. There are the homeless around the campus.

Conclusion: The Comparison

  1. The largest school is UC Davis, with 33,307 students.
  2. UC Davis is characterized by the hottest weather ranging up to 76.2 degrees Fahrenheit.
  3. UC Irvine is the hardest to enter, with the acceptance rate at about only 42.4 percent.
  4. UC Irvine students graduate in six years. The graduation rate is 85 percent.
  5. UC Irvine is the most racially diverse, with 80 percent of minority students.
  6. UC Santa Cruz is considered the greenest one due to recycling.
  7. UC Santa Cruz offers the best financial aid for first-year students, and about 80 percent of eligible ones get it.

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Here you have some key facts to know about UC campuses for your reference. Check out which one suits your expectations and apply now!

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