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What You Should Know about the UC Transfer Essay

A transfer student is a student who enrolled in a college/university for a regular session after the completion of high school. Taking one or two classes part-time doesn’t make you a transfer student. For UC application, transfer students must write 2 application essays. The essay 1 prompt differs for freshman students and transfer students so you may consider this the UC transfer essay.

The essay 2 prompt is the same for all applicants, whether they are freshman or transfer applicants. Reviewing UC prompt 2 examples of essays written by previous successful applicants can provide you with some idea how to approach this general application essay.

Tips for Writing the UC Transfer Essay

Transfer requirements for UC applicants include writing two application essays. The essay 2 prompt is a general prompt and is the same for all applicants. The essay 1 prompt for transfer students will differ from the essay 1 prompt for freshman. Transfer applicants should keep the following tips in mind when writing UC transfer essays:

  • You need to provide a specific reason why you want to transfer schools – The essay you write should demonstrate that you are familiar with UC and indicate what it is about the school that attracts you. Is there a particular program UC has that you are interested in or is it something else? Be sure to provide a specific reason for wanting to transfer.
  • Don’t speak poorly about your current school – Whether or not you have problems or issues with your current college/university, avoid airing them in your transfer essay. Running down the school or its professors makes you appear whiny and negative, which is not the impression you want to make.
  • Present the right reasons for transferring – Your reasons for transferring should be based on meaningful academic and non-academic opportunities that contribute to your career goals. Transferring because you dislike your roommate or you are bored are not good reasons.
  • Assume responsibility for yourself – It isn’t uncommon for transfer students to have a blemish or two on their records. Don’t try and blame a bad grade or any other problem on someone else. Rather than place blame, take responsibility and explain how you plan to do better.

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