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Best Tips for UC Application 2015

Submitting a Successful UC Application 2015

uc application 2015

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When completing the UC application, 2015 applicants will obviously want to do everything possible to ensure their application is successful. Something that counts heavily in the application process, but that are often overlooked, are the application essays. When applying for admission, UC applicants need to devote time and effort to their essays if they want their UC application to meet with success.

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Most of the application documents you submit are things that are out of your control. Grade point averages, test scores, and class standings have already been established. It is only with the admissions essays that you can make a direct appeal to UC officials for being accepted to their school.

Tips for Writing UC Application 2015 Essays

Submitting good application essays is one of the best things you can do to boost your applications chances of being accepted. Reviewing UC prompt 1 and UC prompt 2 examples written by successful applicants can provide you with some idea how application essays should be written. The following tips will be useful when writing your own application essays:

  • Use a clear concise style of writing. Make sure it is easy to understand what you are writing and that you get directly to the point. Avoid using unnecessary words that don’t add anything to the essay.
  • Be specific and use examples. UC admissions officials want to know about you specifically. Don’t use generalities and generic UC personal statement that could apply to anybody. Provide specific details and examples that are unique to you.
  • Be Interesting. UC receives thousands of applications with essays. To get noticed your essay must be interesting and hold the reader’s attention.
  • Focus on one topic in each essay. Application to UC requires writing two essays. Each essay should focus on just one topic. It is better to write on one topic and cover it well, than several different things covered poorly. Make sure the topics you write on aren’t repeating information covered in other areas of the application.
  • Write about you. UC admissions would like to get to know your personality and learn more about your talents and the things you have accomplished. The admissions essays are one place where using “I” and “me” is going to benefit you.

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