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All Secrets about UC Admission Essay

UC Admission Essay Secrets

The UC admissions essays are an important part of the application package and can carry significant weight when it comes to selecting which applicants will be accepted. It is the only part of the application that allows you to directly address admissions officials and make a case for your being accepted to UC. Every applicant to UC is required to submit two essays. The essay 1 prompt will be different for freshmen applicants than it is for transfer applicants while the UC personal statement prompt is the same for all applicants. While they aren’t the only factors considered in the application to UC, for you they could be the deciding factor that tip the scales in your favor when choosing between equally well-qualified candidates.

UC Admission Essay Tips and Suggestions

To be accepted to UC you need to write UC admission essays that create a good impression. The following tips and suggestion will help you to write a UC admission essay that is viewed favorably:

  • Don’t write an essay aimed at just one campus – UC has nine different campuses, and applying to more than one increases the odds that you will be accepted. Unless you are only applying to one campus don’t target a particular campus in your essay.
  • Don’t try and include everything – In the space allowed, there is no way to write about everything about you. Choose one topic to focus on, and cover that topic well. That is better than writing poorly about a number of topics
  • Keep your essays about you – UC wants to know about you. Don’t get sidetracked and end up writing about something else. Keep the focus on you, your talents and your achievements
  • Avoid using clichés and quotations – The essays are meant to provide UC with some insight into your personality. Use your words to express yourself, not the words of somebody else
  • Tell a story – To be effective your essay should be interesting. Avoid making the essay a list of accomplishments. Use a personal anecdote about yourself to make your point. Stories are more interesting and are remembered by the reader.

Tips on How to Write an UC Essay for Application

Writing a good UC essay to is something that many applicants are unsure about. They don’t know exactly what to write about or how the essay should be written. The following tips will be useful when writing your UC essay:

  • Grab the reader’s attention immediately. Admissions officials will read hundreds of essays from applicants. Your essay needs to grab and hold their attention. To stand out you must show yourself to be unique and original.
  • Write what you really think, not what you believe admissions wants to read. Admissions officials can spot the difference quickly.
  • Use clear, concise writing that is easy to understand. Avoid long, complicated sentences and the use of big words just to impress.
  • Don’t repeat information contained in other parts of your application. You have a restricted word count, so you shouldn’t waste words repeating information admissions already has.
  • Revise and proofread often. The first draft of your essay or UC personal statement is never the best. Revise it until it is as good as you can make it and proofread to ensure there are no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.

Reviewing some UC prompt 1 examples and prompt 2 examples of essays before you start can provide you with an idea of how the essays should be written. If you have any problems with writing the UC essay, our service can help.

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