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Additional Comments UC Application

additional comments uc application help

The University of California covers 9 different campuses from Berkeley through to Santa Cruz. All applications, however, go through a single centralized system and you can use the system to apply to any or even all of the different campuses. All submissions are done electronically using their system and you will have to log in and work through your application step by step.

The section for additional comments UC application often leaves students stumped as to whether they should actually put anything there. After all highlighting something if it does not need mentioning may actually disadvantage you, while failing to cover something that you should may also damage your application. 6 of the UC campuses are in the top 50 colleges in the US so it is very important that you take care of what you write as admissions are highly competitive.

Our UC personal statement writing service uses only highly experienced staff that fully understand the whole UC application process and committee expectations. We can provide you with all of the tips, examples and physical support that you need for everything from answering your personal insight questions through to what to put in additional comments UC app.

What Is the Additional Comments UC Application For?

The additional comments section UC application is not an extension of your essays or personal insight questions. This is not an opportunity for you to answer an additional one of the UC application prompts, nor an opportunity to sing your own praises to attempt to “big up” your application. The UC additional comments section. This section is your chance to explain any unusual circumstances that may have affected your academic record, attendance, or test scores.

For international applicants that use an alternative grading system, you are required to explain that grading system within this section of the application.

The UC application additional comments section is unstructured and you can write pretty much what you like. However, you are limited to just 550 characters including your punctuation and spaces. So whatever you will write in this section needs to be written concisely.

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What Not to Include in the UC Application Additional Comments

While many think of this as the UC application personal statement additional comments it is not; you should never use the section to provide additional information to your answers to the personal insight questions that you have been asked to write. All of the following should be avoided within this section:

  • Do not answer an additional personal insight question or add an extension to one.
  • Do not use this section to boast about anything.
  • Do not use this section to complain about past schools or teachers.
  • Do not use this section to make excuses without taking responsibility.
  • Do not lie or exaggerate anything within this section.
  • Do not submit anything with grammatical or spelling mistakes.

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What to Write in Additional Comments on UC Application

So what should you put in the additional comments section of your UC application? As already stated this is a section for you to make an explanation for anything that is less than perfect in your application or even something that is highly relevant to your application that just does not fit anywhere else within the application. The following are some areas that you could write about along with a brief example of what could be written to cover the situation:

Not enough or no extracurricular activities:

“During the last 2 years, it has been impossible for me to attend any extracurricular activities as I am working part-time to help support my family as we are a single parent household and I have 3 younger siblings.”

Limited courses or poor grades:

“During the last 5 years, we have moved 4 times due to my parents work within the services, including 2 semesters overseas. This has caused significant problems with my schooling although I have still managed to achieve above average grades in most of my subjects.”

Poor performance within a year or semester:

“I was involved in a serious vehicle accident which left me hospitalized and off school for 9 weeks. While this caused a serious dip in my grades for the end of 2019 I have managed to recover them during the following year.”

Conditions that may affect your performance:

“I was diagnosed with dyslexia only 3 years ago which has always been impacting on my ability to learn. During the last few years, I have made significant improvements in my grades as I learn different strategies to cope with my condition and continue to do so.”

Low test scores:

“I was given the opportunity to attend and perform at a major music festival within Europe after winning a state-sponsored competition. Unfortunately, this also corresponded to the time during which I was preparing for my SATs and is why my scores are lower than they should have been given my normal academic performance.”

Gaps in your record:

“After I finished my studies at WXY High I took a year off of my studies to join an uncle that is working with a youth project in a remote part of India.”

Writing Additional Comments UC Application

It is quite alright to leave spaces on the sections to turn them blank if one has nothing additional for adding in the UC application. The additional comments UC application is not required to use for the continuation of insight queries. The UC additional comments with certain examples are being shared here to give you an appropriate idea of what to do.

  1. If one’s ability is affected to get further Honors in case of changing the school since 9th grade.
  2. How the hurdles are created if you belong to a low-income family.
  3. The problems created as a result of poor grades.
  4. The affected academic performance in a result of if you have a medical condition.
  5. If your performance is affected in case of financial hardship, or some family issues.
  6. You’ll e required to submit VISA or citizenship issues, by using other names on official records.
  7. Describe how the gap year helped you better.
  8. Tell about what you have done during the total gap year.
  9. Share the reason for taking a gap year.
  10. Give a detailed and clear explanation of things that you’ve done in case of having more gap in educational history.
  11. Discuss the effort and time given by you in case of having low scores in the test.
  12. Describe the reason and things you’re doing for work once you’ve consistently enrolled part-time.
  13. If one stops and starts extracurricular activities for freshman applicants.
  14. The improvements that you’ve made must also be included in the box.
  15. Any break between college or high school is also part of the examples.

These examples of UC application additional comments will let you know about better about it. This is what you need to put in additional comment boxes. Also, one must understand the mistakes and things not to include in such boxes. In the end, you’ll get the proper idea of doing this task. Secondly, the extra comments and examples help in completing the process of admission in the desired manner. The successful procedure actually provides great ultimate success.

Tips for Writing Your Additional Comments

The following are some helpful writing tips to help you to draft your responses within this section so that they will have a positive impact on your application:

  • Always aim to explain; not to make excuses.
  • Never blame others for your own mistakes.
  • Take responsibility for your own actions.
  • Explain how you have made things better or coped.
  • Never allow criticism or other negatives to creep into your writing.
  • Proofread carefully so that no errors slip through.

Our UC Admissions Services Are Able to Support You

From providing you an additional comment UC application example through to providing you with our professional writing and editing help we are able to fully support your submission to the University of California. All of our support is provided by staff that is fully qualified to help and also highly familiar with the specific expectations of UC admissions. We are confident that you will be fully confident that you will be satisfied with the support and UC essay help that we provide; in fact, we guarantee it and will return your money if you are not.

If you are not sure what to put within the additional comments UC application section, just contact our skilled specialists for help!

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