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UC Personal Statement Prompt 2015

UC Personal Statement Prompt 2015

The UC personal statement prompt is liable to change and updated every year, but quite often the requirements remain the same. Currently, you will need to respond to two essay prompts: the general prompt and either the freshman or transfer prompt.

Prompt #1 (General) – Describe the world from which you come from by talking about how family, community or school has shaped your dreams, aspirations and career goals. Discuss any challenges you faced, how your family influenced your decision-making, what cultures you identify with, any community issues that impacted you or talk about a simple week in your life. Check a Sample Answer Prompt #2 (Freshman or Transfer) – Describe a personal quality, talent, accomplishment, contribution or experience that is important to you and how it defines you as a person. Add some context by briefly illustrating how they have influenced your goals, dreams and future plans. Also, discuss one of your strengths and elaborate on it using relevant examples. Check a Sample Answer

To effectively address these prompts you need to:

  • Formulate a clear idea of how you want to portray yourself, what your career goals are and what you plan on achieving. Once you can answer the main question of “Who am I?” with confidence and determination, you will experience no problems writing about yourself. Even though it might be possible that this question may take years or an entire lifetime to answer, your main objective is conveying your thoughts on who you are at the current moment.
  • Identify a trait or quality about yourself or your life, upbringing and experiences or any actions that exemplify it. A good UC personal statement is economy, effectiveness and conciseness, which can only be achieved with a clear idea in mind.
  • Ensure that every word and sentence you include in your UC personal statement 2015 works directly towards this goal.
  • Brainstorm beforehand and remain focused when writing a draft of your personal statement.

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