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UC Personal Statement Prompt 2013

UC Personal Statement Prompt 2013

There are two UC personal statement prompts for the year of 2013:

1. Describe your “world”, your life, your upbringing, etc., and how all of these influences have affected you, your goals, and your dreams.

2. Describe something special about you—a talent, ability, accomplishment, experience, etc.

These two prompts are quite typical of personal statements for university entry, they’re intentionally broad and vague because they want to see more than just the answers, and more than your communication skills, they want to see how independent you are, how much initiative you can bring, your uniqueness and what sets you apart. The mistake that people often make when writing their personal statement is that they’re too standard, too clichéd, UC receives thousands of these, so what you need to do is find a way that you can write something that will distinguish you.

Professional Help with UC Personal Statement 2013

UC Personal Statement 2013The difficult thing about personal statements like these is that they require you to encapsulate and encompass a large amount of information in just a page or two. This is of course intentional, meant to challenge your communication skills, and your ability to pare down and refine your content to the point that it communicates exactly what you want and need it to and no more is what will define your ability to set yourself apart with the personal statement. It’s not surprising that so many people struggle with personal statements, and will surely struggle with the UC personal statement 2013, but that doesn’t have to be you, not with the help of our professional UC personal statement writing service! Our pros know all the ins and outs of personal statement writing, they know how to utilize each word to maximum effect and create a portrait that will surely set you apart from the competition.

Make Sure Your UC personal statement 2013 Blows Away the Competition!

With the increase in admissions getting into UC is more and more difficult, and you need to take advantage of every opportunity you can, and that’s ultimately what the UC personal statement 2013 is, it’s an opportunity to show off your communication skills, your character, what you’re capable of, and your best chance to take the greatest advantage of this is with the help of our professional service. Our writers did the UC essay prompt 2012 many times and helped people get results, now with the new year coming up you can get help as well!

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