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Top 10 Secrets of the UC Application

The Best Approach to the UC Application

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When reviewing your application, UC looks at more than just grade point averages and test scores. Overall there are 14 different criteria that will be examined when the UC application you submit is reviewed by admissions. Some of the criteria will be available to UC via your transcripts and test scores.

However many things that UC considers when evaluating your application aren’t available on documents like transcripts. You will need to make admissions aware of certain information through the UC application essays you submit. Every applicant to UC must write two essays to submit with their application.

Tips That Will Help Make the UC Application You Submit Successful

You wouldn’t bother completing the UC application if you didn’t want it to be successful. Using the following tips and suggestions can improve your applications chances of success:

  1. Research and plan ahead when working on your UC application. UC looks at a number of different factors from your years in high school to help them is selecting applicants. Try and take classes and involve yourself in activities that work in your favor.
  2. Inform UC of any special talents you have that may not be covered in your academic records. The admission essays are a good place to do so.
  3. Apply to more than one UC campus. UC has nine campuses that may all be applied to with the same application. If the program you are interested in is offered at more than one campus, apply to every campus that offers that program
  4. Demonstrate improvement. Whether it is improving your grades, or improving a skill of some sort, UC views working on improving yourself in some area favorably
  5. Get involved in extracurricular activities. UC like to see participation in its applicants
  6. If you are unable to participate in many activities due to extenuating circumstances such as having to take care of younger siblings, point this out to UC admissions in the admission essays
  7. Review the selection process at each UC campus. Every UC campus uses the same criteria when selecting applicants, but each campus weighs the criteria differently. How criteria are weighed also changes every year at every campus.
  8. Dedication counts. Sticking with something and showing dedication is a quality UC approves of in applicants. Four years on a sports team even if you were never a starter counts for something
  9. You can get an idea how to write admission essays by looking at examples written by previous applicants. The UC personal statement prompt 1 example you review will differ for freshmen applicants and transfer applicants. The prompt for essay 2 is the same for all applicants.
  10. Show leadership. UC likes to see that you have held some type of leadership position. You don’t have to have been the president of a club or have held a supervisors position. It can be anything where you had to take responsibility for seeing that something got done.

Applying to UC can be a difficult process. It is competitive to get into most programs, with there being many more qualified applicants than available openings. Your best chance of being accepted to UC may be to seek the help of a professional service such as the one we provide.

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